HETS launches a new series of bilingual tutorials to promote the student services available at the Student Placita of the Virtual Plaza.

In response to the new academic scenario as a result of covid-19, HETS announces the publication of new tutorials in Spanish and English to promote services of highest demand at the Student Placita in the HETS Virtual Plaza. The protagonists of these videos are some of the members of the HETS Student Ambassadors Program in Puerto Rico. A total of 12 new videos were recorded in Spanish, in addition to 11 tutorials in English. Among the Student Placita services promoted in these tutorials are: a summary of all the services of the Student Placita; access to various entrepreneurship courses; and tutorials to improve English as a second language from USA Learns; the Testing and Educational Reference Center (TERC);  which include scholarship search, test practice, and e-books to study and prepare to take these tests; the Career Transitions; topics such as the search for internships and employment, job interview simulator, resume and cover letter builder, and vocational interest tests.

The purpose of this initiative is to show how to access HETS online services so that students from our member institutions can take advantage of these in this new academic setting. All services are free of charge, can be accessed from anywhere and navigated easily. The format of these tutorials is short videos (5 minutes or less) where navigate through the different pages is performed, while listening to the HETS student ambassador narrating how to access the services and how to use them. The tutorials are also available from the Student Leadership Corner (under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” tab), on the HETS home page and our HETS YouTube channel under the “Virtual Plaza Tutorials” list, either in Spanish or in English. To learn more about these services or obtain your Institution password, contact HETS staff by either sending a message to info@hets.org , sending a text message or calling 787-616-3201. We are here to serve you!