HETS inaugurates a state-of-the-art website and Virtual Plaza.

HETS reevaluated its internet presence and the impact on its members and Latino community that we serve.  The goal of HETS was to move from our current web model to a hosted approach that enhances user experience, ease of content management and provides better information, products, and services to our membership and audience while meeting high standards for consistent design quality, branding and ease of use of our main pages www.hets.org and Virtual Plaza (http://hets.org/virtualplaza/) . In total, all of the HETS’s websites receives a high volume of hits per year and we want the experience to be an appealing one.

As a result, Grupo Parada, one of our Major Corporate Partners, began this new phase and accepted to  assists in the implementation of the newly enhance websites for the Hispanic/Latino populations in United States, Caribbean and Central and South America.  A fresh new look and feel images in a state-of-the-art website have been applied to our pages as well as an implementation of a robust search engine with the support of ADA requirements. The goal of this project is to ensure top performance and quality service to the public (members and non-members) at any time, from any device. We hope you enjoy this new project