HETS Expands its Services with a New International Member Institution

Thursday 18th of August 2011
HETS Expands its Services with a New International Member Institution

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia became HETS first international member institution
HETS goes International! We are pleased to welcome our newest and first international member, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC).  The university has 19 campuses in different cities of the country.  Recently, HETS traveled to Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, Colombia to offer tailored workshops to several higher education institutions, among them UCC.  During this visit, they had the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of becoming a HETS Member Institution and decided to join the Consortium.  With this new membership, HETS expands its vision to South America, which is also present in Puerto Rico, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Florida and New Mexico.
The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is an institution of superior education of social property linked to the Social Economy sector with more than 45 thousand students. The university offers education services in sciences, techniques, technologies and humanities fields, at the graduate, postgraduate and non formal education level.  Its main purposes are: the formation of professionals with political, creative and solidarity criteria who contribute to the harmonic development of society; the research, linked to the exercise of teaching, as a contribution to the social and scientific issues; and the extension oriented to the public service and the effective bond with the productive sector. It not only recognizes but incorporates the education as a public service.

In 2012, UCC will be an alternative university, organized as network and promoter of the social inclusion with innovations in its educative services.  We are sure that our alliance and support assure that UCC reaches not only these, but upcoming goals.  For more information about HETS services and how your institution can also become a member, please contact our office at 1- (787)-766-2600 extensions 8910, 8911.  You can also send us an email to info@hets.org or just click here.
Welcome Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia to the HETS family!