Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase 2019 – Schedule


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Celebrating Innovation in Access, Retention, and Online Learning and Technology to
Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education

February 7  – February 15,  2019

February 7, 2019

Watch here the recorded video of the Opening Session Panel: Leveraging Partnerships to Support Student Access, Learning and Success

Presented by:

Dr. Deborah Below, Vice President for enrollment management and student success, Southeast Missouri State University




Dr. Alberto Dávila, Dean of the Harrison College of Business and Computing and Professor of Economics, Southeast Missouri State University




Dr. Debbie Lee- DiStefano, Professor of Spanish in the department of Communication Studies and Modern Languages, Southeast Missouri State University




Ms. Rhonda Weller-Stilson, Dean of the Holland College of Arts and Media, Southeast Missouri State University


All presentations will be accessible 24 hours at the platform.

Live Transmissions per Track
February 12 to February 14, 2019
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February 12, 2019 Track 1: Access

Title: From Birth to Graduate School: Using technology to increase Hispanic student access to Education Department programs.

By: Elizabeth D Scott

Interim Dean of School of Education and Professional Studies

Eastern Connecticut State University

3:00 – 4:15 pm (EST Time)
February 13, 2019 Track 2: Retention

Title: Helping students navigate towards success through active learning and empowerment

By: Dr. Natalie Negron -Torrens

Title V Project Director, Office of Student Affairs

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

3:00 – 4:15 pm (EST Time)
February 14, 2019) Track 3: Online Learning and Technology Integration

Title: Easing the burden of Distance Learning

By: Doriann Pieve-Hyland

Director of Technology Operations, Training & Development

College of Staten Island

3:00 – 4:15 pm (EST Time)
Live webcast presentations will be archived at the platform and will be accessible with the rest of asynchronous presentations.



Asynchronous presentations (available 24 hours from February 7 to February 15, 2017)
Track Presentation Title Author(s), Institution
Access Towards a One-Stop Distance Education Department for Hispanic Students: The case of Inter American University, Aguadilla Campus (English)
Prof. Gustavo René Sainz

Assistant Professor | Inter American University of Puerto Rico – Aguadilla Campus

Online Learning and Technology Integration Educación a distancia: la importancia del assessment y su impacto en el desempeño académico (Spanish)
Dra. Norma I. Ocasio Arriaga

Instructor |National University College

Embedded Librarianship: Connecting Faculty, Librarians, and Students in Online Courses to Improve Information Literacy Competences (English)
Rolando J. Méndez
Department Chair / Assistant Professor | Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus
OER to Develop Zero Text Book Cost Section (English)
Dr. Tanvir Prince
Associate Professor of Mathematics | Hostos Community College, CUNY
Strategies and Quality Measures for Online Student Retention (English)
Jessica M. Muñoz Carrero
Instructional Designer | NUC Online
Using Piazza and Slack to improve student retention and engagement (English)
Neil Hwang
Assistant Professor | City University of New York – Bronx Community College
WikiWeeks, Cooperative learning using critical LMS technology and trending topics (English)
Melissa Baralt
Professor | Berkeley College
Retention Impacto de las herramientas de colaboración y certificaciones profesionales en el estudiante (Spanish)
Iliana Ballester-Panelli
Professor | Universidad del Sagrado Corazón


From Birth to Graduate School: Using technology to increase Hispanic student access to Education Department programs.The highest scored three presentations (one per track) will be presenting live upon speakers’ availability. Presentations will be recorded to have them accessible to all participants after the session. Presenter is responsible of technical requirements and to coordinate tests prior the presentation to guaranty the connection to HETS platform.  These presentations will be selected based on the evaluations score.
Asynchronous presentations:Selected additional scored presentations besides the topthree will be upload it asynchronous at the designated virtual area from the opening date. Presenter is responsible of recording a video in the format required to upload it by January 31, 2019 with the Power Point presentation. The video will be up to 30 minutes long. All participants’ questions should be replied in a period of 48 hours, after posted. Presenters will have access to the system where presentations are uploaded to read questions and be able to answer them for the benefit of all participants. Participants will have the option of see the presentation online or download it to see it offline.