HETS Best Practices Showcase 2018- Showcase Tracks

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Celebrating Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success
in Higher Education

February 1st- February 2nd, 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Disseminate best practices and successful models on the use of technology to help Hispanics overcome existing barriers to Higher Education.

  • Best practices focused on inclusion strategies, and facilitating broader access to disadvantaged populations, including the technology-assessment gap.
  • Best practices that showcase positive aspects of diversity, and multicultural life in your current campus environment.


This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that strategically use technology to support, drive, and optimize retention of Hispanic students. Proposed projects should be able to demonstrate how their approach has had a significant impact on their success in supporting and increasing Hispanic student retention. We strongly encourage presentations on programs or strategies that have been spread across all levels of the institutions, using systems to track retention indicators to prioritize early interventions. These include:

  • Projects that strategically establish, track, and analyze multiple specific indicators and benchmarks to evidence success and allow the institution to determine successful approaches to education, retention, and college completion through the use of technology
  • Educational research on the factors that impact retention of Hispanic students and the potential of technologies to support and drive retention efforts
  • Projects that demonstrate the usefulness of new technologies like mobile technology and social media, tablets, lecture capture, among others, to increase retention among Hispanics
  • Best practices using technology to deal with student motivation and engagement in the online and face to face environments
  • Implementation of technology-based remediation, counseling, tutoring, or mentoring services in English, Spanish or Bilingual
  • Online support services to help students understand what it takes to be a successful learner
  • Evidence-based successful student support practices to improve Hispanic student retention

Distance Learning

This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that promote effective development and design of high quality online learning offerings and use technology strategically to foster quality learning. Potential projects or best practices include:

  • Projects that demonstrate how your institution promotes quality in the online environment
  • Projects that demonstrate how your institution manages/assures the integration of new technologies, such as tablets and smartphones, interactive tools for discussion used in classrooms and online, digital publications and learning experiences, cloud services, design and delivery of online and hybrid programs, and M-learning, focusing on demonstrations of technology usage.
  • Best practices in online courses using web 2.0 tools and open source applications
  • Best practices on assessment of online courses and learning outcomes




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