Showcase Tracks – General Information

Showcase Tracks – General Information
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Showcase Tracks – General Information
There are four general tracks or focus areas:
Best Institutional Practices Using and Implementing Technology Resources and Infrastructure

This track targets institutions who have demonstrated leadership, creativity, and innovation in the incorporation, implementation, application, and effective use of technology resources and infrastructure at the institutional level to increase institutional effectiveness and enhance opportunities for student success. It also considers established policies and procedures to advance education efforts through innovative and effective use of technology. Examples of focus areas or practices in this track include:

  • Use of data systems to enhance student success
  • Data and evidence-based outcome measuring
  • Technology, teaching, learning, and/or support policies
  • Quality-focused initiatives related to or established to enhance technology use
  • Technology Use Strategic Planning
  • Technology assessment processes/practices

Best Practices in Teaching and Learning through Technology

This track is intended to showcase innovative practices in course design and delivery that demonstrate effective integration of interactive and collaborative tools, student engagement strategies, successful learning outcomes, and the impact on student retention and completion. Examples of focus areas or practices in this track include:

  • Innovative and effective use of Learning Management Systems
  • Creative application of targeted academic and support communities
  • Smart classrooms
  • Course-capturing technologies
  • Podcasting and other mobile learning technologies
  • Measuring learning outcomes
  • Linking learning outcomes with student college success
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment Tools for Online Courses
  • Classroom and online course strategies to achieve retention goals
  • Open source technologies
  • Social networking
  • e-Portfolio

Best Practices in Faculty Development

This track focuses on the innovative use of technology resources to enhance faculty development. It is also intended to showcase innovative faculty development programs and strategies to promote technology adoption and effective use. Examples of focus areas or practices in this track include:

  • Mobile resources
  • Learning and support communities
  • Faculty performance/delivery assessment
  • Online tools for faculty self-assessment
  • Collaboration and peer-mentoring
  • Innovative faculty development programs

Best Practices in Student Support Services

This focus area targets innovative practices, strategies, or programs that use of technology effectively to serve either online and on campus students, or both. Proposed projects should be able to demonstrate how their approach has had a significant impact on their success in supporting student retention and completion. Programs or strategies that have been incorporated to the academic dimension, that have been able to link services, that consider collaborative approaches, and those specifically focusing on HispanicsÂ’ needs are strongly encouraged to be showcased. Examples of focus areas or practices in this track include:

  • Effective online support services
  • Supporting online students
  • Support communities
  • Academic support
  • Technology as means to measure student success
  • Follow up techniques and programs
  • Strategic use of data systems for student success
  • Innovative ESL/ELL programs
  • Using technology to support non-traditional students
  • e-Counseling, e-Mentoring, e-Tutoring
  • Innovative and successful retention strategies

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