HETS Channel in YouTube

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HETS Consortium welcomes you to its channel in YouTube. You will find excerpts from the recent HETS Online Journal Webinar and photo Galleries of activities sponsored by HETS and its members. Video clips of news and events of HETS member institutions and partners are also highlighted. The Consortium seeks to use this Channel as a vehicle of communication and sharing of recent events related to its mission. We have already subscribed to thirteen Channels of our member institutions. Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo, states that “this is another example where technology can especially transform service delivery styles and open the doors to a larger spectrum of audiences. This medium fosters the expansion of a web of services and strengthens our capabilities to collaborate with one another in a world where it is increasingly necessary to create economies of scales in order to expand the possibilities of local learners and global learners.”

We encourage our members who have a YouTube Channel to contribute by subscribing to our Channel and linking HETS TV Channel to your websites. Feel free to visit us at HETS TV Channel at YouTube. As always, we welcome and appreciate your comments and suggestions.