HETS Board Members visited the west coast for the first time to celebrate their meeting which closes academic year 2018-2019.

For the first time, the HETS summer Board of Directors meeting was held June 20 and 21, 2019 in San Marcos, CA, hosted by California State University, San Marcos. This Board meeting ends academic year 2018-2019, an intense year for

Dr. Karen Haynes, President CSU San Marcos

the organization and its members, presenting second year results of the Strategic Plan executed successfully in its second year.

The strategic plan framework corresponding to years 2017-2020 is an extension of previous one, and it’s focused on core areas of access, retention and successful completion, and online learning / technology integration. Hosts, President Dr. Karen Haynes, and Dr. Lorena Checa, from CSUSM greeted all attendees and opened the meeting sessions after their cordial welcome messages.

Board Members at The McMahan House, CSUSM

Among the news shared with the Board were highlighted the major activities to support the organizational programmatic goals such as: tailored workshop offerings both online and face to face; additional tools and services added to the HETS Virtual Plaza and HETS Website. Also, the results of our main events the HETS Virtual Best Practices Showcase, Student Leadership Showcases and Tours were presented. Board members were informed about the alliance between HETS and HACU for the publication of the Online Journal during the fall of 2019. Moreover, the final page our newest service, Student Passport was presented officially to the Board during the first day of meeting.

Board members also welcomed representatives from new members such as Ponce Health Science University. During the second day of meeting the Board held a corporate session with current HETS partners like Instructure, and also welcomed COBIMET as new partner.

As part of the Board meeting agenda, HETS celebrated the Special Event: Best Practices, The Cougar Care Network. The Cougar Care Network is an early support initiative to improve student success, retention and persistence. This event was transmitted via live stream and its recording will be accessible soon on the HETS YouTube channel (access here the presentation handout).

HETS would like to extend its special thanks to President Karen Haynes; Dr. Lorena Checa, Vice President for Student Affairs, and all their staff at CSUSM for hosting these events at their facilities. For more information about HETS services, please visit www.hets.org, contact us via email info@hets.org or just call us at (787) 250-1912 exts. 2372/ 2373.

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