Faculty Professional Development Series: Infographics

The purpose of this proposal is to showcase a Title V Promoting Opportunities for Hispanic Program Graduate Grant at the HETS 2021 Virtual Best Practices. The grant was awarded to Albizu University, Miami (AU-M), in October 2019. The Title V PPOHA Graduate Grant addresses gaps and weakness that hinder the University from adequately serving that needs of Hispanics and disadvantages of post baccalaureate students and support the professional development of faculty to improve their online teaching and learning.

Under Initiative #1 of the grant, which focuses on strengthening and expanding online/hybrid graduate program offerings, the project proposed developing a new system for high-quality online instruction and preparation of faculty to adopt Quality Matters (QM) standards.

This proposal will focus on the use of infographics for delivering professional development for faculty in best practices for online teaching. Through the infographics series, faculty learned to appropriately integrate technology into the curriculum to meet QM standards and improve their delivery of instruction to graduate students. Faculty who participated in this project learned about online course design and delivery and trained to use online tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the online courses and its impact on student achievement.