HETS Second Best Practices Showcase 2012

HETS Event
HETS Second Best Practices Showcase 2012

Celebrating Innovation in Access, Retention, Assessment, and STEM Education
to Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education. February 16-17, 2012 * San Juan, PR
When: February 16 and 17, 2012
Where: Inter American University Law School , San Juan, PR
Lodging: Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino (www.condadoplaza.com)
What: Best Practices Showcases, International Speakers, Academic Fair and Networking Opportunities
Who should attended: Academic leaders, staff administrators, faculty, technology staff, investigators, corporate representatives related to technology and education, students and general public.
The Hispanic Educational Technology Services Consortium (HETS) would like to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of its member institutions in meaningfully and strategically using technology to achieve Hispanic student success. Taking place in February 16 and 17, 2012, the Second Annual HETS Best Practices Showcase will focus on four main tracks: access, retention, assessment, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for Hispanics.
HETS has defined a “best practice” as an innovative approach or strategy that, with the effective use of technology, has proven to increase recruitment, promote student success, improve student retention and completion, and provide institutions with viable, effective, and efficient approaches to assessment. HETS is also interested in innovative approaches and strategies that use technology to promote Hispanic success in STEM education. Overall, it will be a celebration of innovative technology strategies in Higher Education focused on impacting the Hispanic student population by enhancing retention, college completion, and successful learning outcomes.
Certainly, HETS member institutions are experts in dealing with the Hispanic population and finding ways to provide them with opportunities to succeed, and we want to open a space for them to share this expertise. Once again, attendees will be not only able to learn from the showcased works, but also find solutions to many common issues and even establish new possibilities for collaboration with other institutions and potential partners.
In January 2010, HETS celebrated its First Best Practices Showcase: Celebrating Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education. This was the first time the Consortium gathered all of its higher education member institutions to share their innovative initiatives and best practices in the integration of technology and education for the benefit of the academic community. Through more than 30 conferences by faculty and administrators from its member institutions, HETS celebrated the innovative use of technology to
enhance teaching, learning, and student support strategies in postsecondary education. The successful event attracted more than 20 HETS member institutions, more than 120 participants and presenters, and 14 sponsors.

Go to HETS Second Best Practices Showcase 2012 for full details on Showcase tracks, Pre-workshops, Academic Fair and Call for proposals among others.