EDP College becomes EDP University

HETS wants to congratulate EDP University of  Puerto Rico, one of its 38 member’s institutions, in their recent announcement of its name change. The announcement was accompanied by the opening of a gallery that highlights the most important moments of the institution since its inception in 1968 to the present.

“In this installation you can see the vision my father had since the beginning of EDP: it was a university that would open the door to all Puerto Ricans and that would meet the need for trained personnel in the information technology area, formerly known as processing data”, said engineer Gladys Nieves, President of EDP University, who is also part of the HETS Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. President Nieves also mentioned that “this is much more than a name change, with this development we reaffirm our commitment to excellence in education and provide our students with a way to fulfill their dreams.”

 EDP University of Puerto Rico, has campuses in Hato Rey and San Sebastian in which they offers associate degrees, bachelors and masters degrees in the fields of health, fashion and interior design, business and science and technology. EDP recently inaugurated the CT-SCAHM, the only simulated hospital in the Puerto Rico metropolitan area. Congratulations on these achievements!

 For more information on this note you can contact Ms. Vivian Velázquez from EDP University at 1-787-360-4390 or via email: vivian.velazquez@edpcollege.edu.

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