Early African History and Latino Students

This is a recorded presentation available from January 17, 2013.  You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

Two years ago an online course History 161, Africa to 1800 was designed. Primarily wanted to reach a wide audience with this course on early African history. It was thought both in person and online. A very interesting phenomenon occurred. In the online class we had three times as many Latino students than we did in the in-person class and retained all of them. In this presentation we will speak to why we understand the online class is so much more popular than the in-person course for Latino students.

Advantages offered by the online environment allowed for flexibility and offered bi-lingual students, the opportunity to review course materials. In addition, multiple attempts at practice exercises, activities, and quizzes also aided the learners by allowing for review of materials.

Institution: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Language: English

Presented by:

Dr. Christine Saidi is an assistant professor of African and world history at Kutztown University. She has recently published a book: Women’s Authority and Society in Early East-Central Africa. She has taught several online classes.

Douglas Scott- PresenterDouglas Scott is the Instructional Designer/Technologist for Kutztown University, and specializes in visualization techniques, especially as applied to topics in history. He holds advanced degrees from both Lehigh University and Savannah College of Art and Design and in a previous career toiled as an architectural conservator and archaeologist.

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