Dr. Ricardo Fernández

Former President, Lehman College

Lehman College is one of the HETS Consortium’s founding members (1993), led by Dr. Ricardo Fernández, who served as President of the institution for 26 years. Dr. Fernández made extraordinary contributions to the HETS Consortium as Chairman (2001-2004), and Vice Chairman (1998 to 2000). He was also a very active member of the Board and showed his genuine interest in the progress of the organization throughout his 24 years of involvement in the organization. On HETS 10th Anniversary in 2003, Dr. Fernández was recognized as Board Member of the Year for his commitment to the Consortium. Under his leadership, Lehman College sponsored several HETS meetings and events throughout the organization’s history.

“Every ending is a new beginning. As we look forward to another commencement, I am preparing to end my tenure as the President of Lehman College. This was not an easy decision; nor was it one that I made lightly. But after twenty-six years at the helm of Lehman College I can look back at my first day here—September 1, 1990—and the two-and-a-half decades that followed with immense pride at the things we have accomplished.” To visit Lehman’s College page honoring Dr. Ricardo R. Fernández leadership go to:   Dr. Ricardo R. Fernández Looks Back at His 26-Year Presidency. Dr. Fernández was inducted, as one of the first members to the HETS Advisory Committee on July 2018.