Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, DM-IST

Pablo Rodríguez is a C level executive experienced in Cloud Computing Operations, client services, product development and strategic management with ample experience interacting with Telecom clients and suppliers on a global basis. Directly involved in creating and implementing best practices policy; thus, ensuring mission critical services are delivered, mitigating risk and promoting business continuity. Dr. Rodríguez served in various capacities with Register.com from 1996-2003; namely, managing business opportunities with the Latin American and Caribbean domain name market. In 2003, was recruited by Puerto Rico Top Level Domain (PRTLD) to implement sales and marketing strategies where he is currently Executive Vice President. Dr. Rodríguez was involved in the conformation of the North American region that gave way for the creation of the country code Name Supporting Organization (ccNSO); he is currently serving as Vice-Chair of the ccNSO and Councilor for the North American region. In addition since August 2021 he serves as director of EDP University’s Graduate School. Dr. Rodríguez holds a BA in Biology from the City University of NY (CUNY), and MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix, and a doctoral degree of Management in Organizational Leadership specializing in Information Systems and Technology from the University of Phoenix.