Board members celebrated its winter meeting along with three concurrent events.

BM- Jan15-162015UNEThe HETS winter Board of Directors meeting was held January 15 and 16, 2015 in San Juan, PR. This meeting was at the Escuela de Hospitalidad y Artes Culinarias José A. “Tony” Santana, hosted by Universidad del Este, AGMUS.  We were delighted to welcome representatives from 22 of our 36 institutional members. This Board meeting receives academic year 2014-2015, a very exciting year for the organization and its members, as it envisions numerous new projects as part of our strategic plan approved that focus on access, retention and assessment.
Among the news HETS shared with the Board were highlighted the major activities to support the organizational programmatic goals such as: tailored online workshop offerings; additional tools and services added to the HETS Virtual Plaza, redesign and new appearance of the HETS Online Journal and also the presentation of the recently appointed members of HETS Student Committee, a first in our Consortium history. Board members also had the chance to network and exchange thoughts with representatives from corporate members, who participated in the corporate session.

Concurrent with the Board meeting, HETS celebrated the opening of the 2015 Virtual Best Practices Showcase; an IT event and another event targeted to members with Nursing Programs. For the latest two events HETS invited Lehman College’s presenters to share their expertise with our member institutions. Soon the links to access these outstanding presentations will be included in HETS website for the benefit of those that couldn’t attend face to face.

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