Board Appoints New Executive Director to Take on the HETS Future

Friday 20th of January 2006
Board Appoints New Executive Director to Take on the HETS Future
After discussing the most relevant issues for the first semester of 2006, during its January meeting, the HETS Board of Directors appointed a new Executive Director to lead the organization in its next steps, which will be a key to the future, success, and sustainability of the organization. The new Director of the Consortium, Mrs. Yubelkys Montalvo, will take on the challenge to guide the organization towards a self-sustainability model and continue the implementation of targeted services and programs for all members and the educational community, in general.
Following her contribution to the organization as the Executive Assistant to the Director and Public Relations Specialist for seven years, Mrs. Montalvo served as the Interim Director for a five-month term. As an expert in member relations, project management, administration, communications, and event coordination, the recently appointed Executive Director is expected to take on the new opportunities and challenges awaiting HETS throughout the next years.
As resulted from this past January 12 and 13 HETS Board Meeting, held at the Central Office of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Montalvo’s job will focus on bringing sustainability and economic growth to the Consortium and diversifying member benefits, as it expands its membership, creates new services, and proposes new educational technology options for its constituencies. Strategies to be implemented will also open new doors towards the enhancement of the organization’s image and strengthen its mission.
The Board Meeting turned out to be an opportunity to review the Consortium’s accomplishments during the last semester and to look ahead towards the possibilities for the next years. Based on current audience needs and market trends, the Board of Directors, presided by Manuel J. Fernós, made relevant decisions regarding HETS target audiences, strategies for sustainable growth, organizational roles, and the need for membership diversification, among others. Particularly outstanding was the fact that HETS will be giving participation to new types of organizational affiliates, corporate collaborators, and individuals interested in helping the organization achieve its mission.
HETS’s year 2006 will be characterized by a variety of educational and networking events. These events will range from professional development workshops and outreach activities to thematic roundtables, business receptions, and a second annual virtual congress.
For more information on HETS events, services, and member opportunities, visit, or call (787) 766-1912, extension 2221.
By Wilmarie Latorre