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Mariluz Serrano-Ortíz

Estudiante doctoral y profesora de Tecnología para la Educación Superior. Posee una Maestría en Liderazgo Educativo de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras. Actualmente se encuentra en la fase final de su Doctorado en Currículo y Enseñanza con la Sub Especialidad en Tecnología del Aprendizaje. Además, la profesora Serrano-Ortiz, es instructora de modalidades en línea, destrezas digitales para docentes y creadora de módulos instruccionales. Continuamente desarrolla talleres y sesiones de capacitación para docentes y estudiantes, para asociaciones profesionales como la Asociación de Profesores de Educación Comercial, Instituciones Educativas y en el ámbito privado para compañías privadas.

Silvia Reyes, M.S.W.

Silvia Reyes, M.S.W., is Director of Special Projects & Student Engagement; she is committed to student success, and her work has focused on designing and implementing a wide array of initiatives to improve students’ college experiences and academic attainment.

Dr. Amber M. Gonzalez

Amber M. Gonzalez (Ph.D. UC Santa Barbara; she/ella) is an Associate Professor in the Child and Adolescent Development program at the California State University, Sacramento.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary perspective including human development, educational psychology, as well as critical race theory she centers her research on examining Latinx academic aspirations and motivations through and across the P20 education pipeline. Her research examines the influence of social support networks and institutional structures on college student identity development and educational and career aspirations and motivations. In addition, she explores the ways in which students use these aspirations and motivations to ensure their success, manage failure, and persist. Dr. Gonzalez teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on motivation, quantitative research methods, and cross-cultural human development. Her scholarly work has been published in the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Journal of Educational Research, and College Student Journal.

Contact information: Email:

Rita Santiago-Tricoche

Rita Santiago-Tricoche es estudiante doctoral en la Universidad de Puerto Rico recinto de Río Piedras

En el año 1998 completó su Bachillerato Profesional en Arquitectura en el Pratt Institute de Nueva York. Luego en el 2020 obtuvo su Certificación en Educación Secundaria Matemática en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras. Actualmente cursa estudios en la UPR – RP en el programa graduado de Currículo y Enseñanza con especialidad en Tecnologías de Aprendizaje (TdA); y colaboro como estudiante en el Comité de Asistencia tecnológica (COTEC) de la facultad de educación de UPR-RP.

Dr. Sherese Mitchell

Sherese Mitchell, Ed.D., is Associate Professor in Education Department, served multiple terms as Chair of the Instructional Evaluation Committee, and is a member of the College-Wide Curriculum Committee.

Hostos Community College hosted the Student Leadership Showcase in New York.

Hostos Community College hosted the Student Leadership Showcase held on April 23, 2018 at it’s Savoy Multi-purpose Room in Bronx, New York. More than 40 students from Hostos and Lehman College member institutions, participated of this event. The main purpose was to promote the access to free of charge online student services that can support their academic goals, and be able to share their interests and needs to help us create additional support services. This time students also learned about how to maximize the use of digital identity and social media to support their academic and professional goals.

Dr. David Gómez, President, Hostos Community College (CUNY)

The event started with a warm welcome message from the host, Dr. David Gómez, President at Hostos Community College. After his remarks, Ms. Yubelkys Montalvo, HETS Executive Director, presented Ms. Débora Menieur, HETS Student Ambassador, who shared a live demonstration of HETS student services at the HETS portal and the Student Placita. During this demonstration, students had the opportunity to learn where to find information about scholarships, internships, job search, practice of standardized tests, online tools and careers tips, among other services provided by HETS.

The event continued with the speech of Mr. Marcelo Rodríguez, Digital Transformation Leader at DMP Group, about the Personal Branding during the Digital Age.  During his presentation, Rodríguez emphasized on the importance of leveraging your personal brand or professional reputation to improve your chances towards the career you want. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how to take control of their digital visibility, identifying what makes them stand out, and then telling a unique story during recruitment.

As an added value to the event, students were able to network with peers who share same interests, while HETS Executive Director learned more about their interests and needs in order to further collaborate on exploring solutions and create innovative support services. The event concluded with a raffle of prizes among the participants, and the completion of the evaluation form distributed to receive the feedback of the event and the online services presented. HETS would like to make a special recognition to the support and help of the Hostos Community College personnel, especially President Gómez and his office staff including Jewel Clarke, Dolly Martínez and Diana Kramer for their collaboration. HETS also recognizes Mr. Nelson Ortiz, Conference Center Coordinator; Carlos Guevara; and Johanna Gómez for all coordination and promotion of the event. For more details about HETS services for students through the Student Placita please contact us in our office at 787-250-1912 extensions 2373, 2372 or just email us to:

Débora Menieur, Marcelo Rodríguez and Yubelkys Montalvo.