Achieving the Healthy Balance between the Human and Technology Sides of College Education

An article in the current April edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the main IT trends for Community Colleges in the United States. According to this article, based on an interview to the chief executive of Catalyze Learning International, higher education institutions at large are striving for the right blend of traditional and online instruction, emphasizing on the role of mobile-learning. Another significant trend in college education will be the expansion of social networking technologies to enhance the education experience. Nonetheless, the article stresses the importance of keeping human tough in the education process, especially in community colleges, characterized by at-risk students who “feel disconnected”.

The question is: How can human touch in college education be emphasized while doing the best to incorporate the latest technology into the current educational purposes for the benefit of the college learners?

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
IT Trends for Community Colleges
Carolyn Mooney
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Volume 54, Issue 30, Page B9
April 2008