Using “Remind” to establish direct communication between faculty and students during COVID-19.

It is more important than any other time to be able to communicate with students in real-time outside the class time to motivate them and encourage them to do homework and submit assessments on time. We need to communicate not by email but something faster and quicker. No doubt, the answer is “text message”. But how can a faculty establish text message communication with students without compromising his/her phone number? The answer is on “Remind”. I find it very reliable, fast, and most importantly safe. Some features include:

*You can control if students can message each other or not

*The messages from students go to the app instead of your phone’s text message system. This way you separate personal text messages from the student’s text messages.

*Your own phone number is hidden

*Enroll students at the beginning of the semester is very effortless, easy, and quick

*You can send a message to the whole class or selected students

*You can attach documents from google drive, local folder and it is also aligned with “google classroom”, “one drive”, “google drive” and some other common platforms.

*Individual accounts are completely free and you can sign in with your Google account.