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Universidad Central del Caribe

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Director of the Admissions Office – Irma Cordero

Country: United States of America

Phone: 787-798-3001, etx. 2402, 2403, 2404


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Caresly Sepulveda

787-798-3001, 2301


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José Padilla

Especialista en Tecnología y Sistemas de Comunicación

787-798-3001, ext. 2343

What makes this institution unique

Why choose Universidad Central del Caribe ?

  • In its 40 years, the UCC has demonstrated its commitment to improving the quality of life of the Puerto Rican community through excellence in clinical services, emphasis in an extensive agenda of biomedical, clinical, and psychosocial research as well as the development of competent health care professionals.
  • The UCC has been a pioneer in the development of academic programs on the Island. It is the first private medical school established in Puerto Rico; we developed the first counseling program on substance abuse and currently established the first Doctoral Program in Chiropractic.
  • For years our students and faculty has excelled in the provision of community service and knowledge development based on science. Our researchers have excelled and even developed important patents.
  • Since 2001, Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) inaugurated Centro Universitario de Medicina Integral  y Complementaria de Puerto Rico (CUMIC) to satisfy the demand of the population of Puerto Rico. Following recommendation of medical institutions of the United States and International, UCC embarked in a project compared only with similar centers of renowned universities. The medical integrative services offered in CUMIC are unique in its class it gathers specialties in conventional and alternative medicine such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine (Medical Acupuncture), Bioenergetic Medicine, Chiropractic, and Therapeutic Massage. In CUMIC integration is formed under continued education, communication, and professionalism of the faculty when treating the most complexes illnesses.

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Omar Pérez Del Pilar
Dean of Admissions and Students Affairs
787-798-3001  ext. 2401

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787-798-3001, ext. : 2400, 2401, 2402, 2403, 2404, 2406

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Summer Program Biomedical Sciences

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Eveneida Rodríguez


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Irma Cordero

Edllian López

787-798-3001, exts, 2403, 2404