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Oklahoma City Community College

  • United States of America


Academic Advisor

Address: Oklahoma City Community College’s address is 7777 South May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, OK
Country: United States of America

Phone: 405-682-7535


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Testimonials and / or Virtual Tours

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What makes this institution unique

Targeting top career fields important in Oklahoma and the region, OCCC offers:

• Hundreds of college classes, if you want to brush up on new skills or learning something new, just for fun
• Associate degree programs, designed either for transfer to another college or university or for entry into the current job market
• Technical or professional certification programs, created to provide a fast career track for those seeking certain skills without the college general education requirement
Choose OCCC, and you’ll enjoy:
• Personal attention thanks to small class sizes
• Learning labs and free tutoring
• Practical, job-focused college classes
• A supportive and close-knit college community

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Your Student Support on the process

Academic Advisors are available for in person meetings Monday-Friday each week. Advising also offers online advising via email. Advising can be contacted at 405-682-7535 and via email at

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