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University of Houston Downtown

  • United States of America


Registrar’s Office

Texas, TX
Country: United States of America

Phone: 713-221-8999


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What makes this institution unique

UHD is located right in the heart of Downtown Houston, one of the nation’s most culturally diverse metropolitan areas. So naturally, we’ve created an environment that welcomes and embraces students from all backgrounds. With a 20-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, we provide a unique hands-on learning environment for each student.

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Your Student Support on the process

Please click on the following link to find a list of people that will be able to stay in contact with you from day one and can help the online student navigate the system, do not hesitate to contact.

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Tuition opportunities for students (to qualify for)

The UHD Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid offers a variety of financial aid programs to assist undergraduate and graduate students in meeting educational costs. The programs include scholarships, grants, loans and work-study, which may be awarded in various combinations and amounts to meet individual student needs. To learn more visit: UHD Scholarships & Financial Aid.

Please contact us to explore the best alternatives tailored to you.

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Request for information (RFI form)

In order to better serve you during this process, be prepared to provide the following information:

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  • Residence Status
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