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Celebrating Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education

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Access and Student Mobility

This track targets innovative projects that focus on increasing Hispanics’ access to higher Education. The project is expected to have had success in demonstrating ways to facilitate Hispanics’ understanding and awareness about opportunities available to access and succeed in Higher Education. Some examples include:

  • Hispanic-focused projects that use technology tools and resources to increase access to Higher Education, and increase student mobility
  • Creative technology initiatives developed to help overcome Hispanics’ barriers to Higher Education and facilitate college entry


This track is intended to showcase innovative practices that strategically use technology to support, drive, and optimize retention of Hispanic students. Proposed projects should be able to demonstrate how their approach has had a significant impact on their success in supporting and increasing Hispanic student retention. Programs or strategies that have been spread across all levels of the institutions, use systems to track retention indicators, and prioritize early interventions are strongly encouraged. Some examples include:

  • Use of technology-facilitated instruments or systems to track students, identify signs, and alert on the need to implement an early intervention
  • Projects that demonstrated the usefulness of new technologies (e.g., mobile technology and social media, among others) to increase retention among Hispanics
  • Best practices using technology to deal with student motivation
  • Implementation of technology-based remediation, counseling, tutoring, or mentoring services


The HETS Consortium recognizes the significance of establishing a solid assessment culture and applying effective and efficient assessment tools to demonstrate the accomplishment of the overall institutional goals of its members and the achievement of learning success. This track is aimed at promoting the effective development and implementation of assessment efforts through the innovative and strategic use of technology. It considers projects that innovatively and strategically use technology to track, measure, support, and assess Hispanic student learning success, and projects that demonstrate the effective use of technology to assess overall institutional impact and success as an educational organization.

Some examples include:

  • Presentations that demonstrate leadership, creativity, and innovation in developing effective, structured, and systematic processes to assess student learning outcomes (knowledge, skills, and competencies that students are expected to exhibit upon successful completion of a course, academic program, co-curricular program, general education requirement, or other specific set of experiences)
  • Experiences with assessment of outcomes in online learning environments
  • Concerted efforts that use technology meaningfully and strategically to track and assess the progress of institutional goals and objectives across all levels and, consequently, sustain data-driven decision-making processes to achieve improvement and quality
  • Initiatives that use technology tools and multiple, specific indicators to foster institutional accountability.

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