Showcase Tracks

Showcase Tracks

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Showcase Tracks

The Second HETS Best Practices Showcase was focused on four main tracks: access, retention, assessment, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education for Hispanics. HETS was honored to receive faculty members, instructional designers, student support administrators and staff, distance learning personnel and other academic leaders from its member institutions who submitted, showcased, and shared their best practices in the use of technology to promote and facilitate Higher Education among Hispanics, support higher education effectiveness, promote student success, increase retention levels among Hispanics, and assess learning and overall education effectiveness.

Showcase Tracks

Please access the link related to the track of your preference to explore and see the presentations for the event. Breakout sessions presented at the Theater and Amphitheater 1, were transmitted via webcast transmission during the event.  To watch the recorded sessions of the webcast please access the link on the correspondent session.






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