Pontificia Universidad Catolica – Puerto Rico

Pontificia Universidad Catolica – Puerto Rico
Pontificia Universidad Católica - Puerto Rico
Date of Foundation: 1948
Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Mission Statement
To integrate a live, academic, and service community, dedicated to the search for the truth and promoting the fulfillment of the human being in all its dimensions, through a dynamic, critical, and creative experience, encompassed in a Christian friendship and committed to the search for answers and solutions to the challenges posed by the Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and global culture and reality, in a harmonious and serene environment.
Special Programs
The PCUPR collaborates with several local and international institutions to bring their students unique academic opportunities. Some of these include:
  • Joint BS/MD program in collaboration with the Pontifical University of Dominican Republic
  • Transfer Engineering program with the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral program in Philosophy, Behavioral Sciences, and Society in collaboration with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
  • Doctoral Program in Law through an agreement with Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
Technology and Education at the PCUPR
Center for Information Technology
PCUPRÂ’s Center for Information Technology was created to strengthen and enrich the academia, administrative, student, and community services, through a broad technology program dedicated to facilitate the flow of information at all levels, within and beyond the University. Its objectives are to develop and implement a Collateral Strategic Plan for Technological Development intended to comply with the academic and administrative needs of the diverse university community.
Strengthening Academic Achievements through Collaboration to Incorporate Technology into the Basic Curriculum (Title V Proposal)
This Title V proposal aims to use the advantages of student and faculty support technology programs in general education courses and to provide support to projects related to curricular reforms. This project will help implement training programs for faculty in the use of technology as a key part of their academic activities, promote retention and academic achievement in students through innovative teaching strategies, and promote the use of the Internet for the design and sharing of online pedagogical resources.


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