Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (P.U.P.R.) is a private, non-profit, coeducational, nonsectarian institution of Higher Education founded in 1966. At present it is the largest private Engineering School and the only one in, San Juan, Capital of Puerto Rico. It is also the largest private Hispanic Serving Engineering School in the United States and its territories. PUPR offers the following licensed and accredited programs at the undergraduate level, listed in the order they were authorized.
Enrollment: 6,284
Hispanic Student Enrollment: 5,529
Type of Institution: Not for Profit, Bachelor, Master and Continuing Education Programs
Location of Campuses:

Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Physical address:

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
377 Ponce de León Avenue
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00918
Postal address:
PO Box 192017
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-2017
Telephone number: (787) 622-8000
Homepage URL: www.pupr.edu
Distance Learning
Distance Learning Focus: The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico rises to the challenge posed to higher education by the revolution in information technologies, globalization and intensive information activities.
The Distance Education Department of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico provides students with different alternatives that enrich their learning experience with various modalities:
Web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses.

Number of Courses and Programs:
Over 350 courses per trimester (250+ web-enhanced, 20+ hybrids, 35+ online courses)
Contact Information for Distance Learning: (787)754-8000 / 622-8000
Mr. Israel Ortiz Olmo III – CEDUP Director

Phone: (787) 622-8000 ext. 439 / 462
Fax: (787) 625-0414
e-mail: isortiz@pupr.edu
Distance Learning URL: http://www.pupr.edu/onlinecourses/

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