Ana G. Méndez University System

Ana G. Méndez University System
The Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS) is second largest private university system in Puerto Rico .  It is constituted by three degree granting institutions:  Universidad del Este, Universidad del Turabo & Universidad Metropolitana, and a Telecomunications and Distance Education Center.
AGMUS is well known as a pioneer in the development and implementation of distance learning programs.  The Universidad del Turabo offers students an opportunity to earn a Master in Business Administration online.  In addition, the three institutions offers students the opportunities to advance in their academic programs through televise and online courses design by each institution.  The some courses are taught through the PBS station and ITFS network both licensees to AGMUS.  The online learning courses are taught using Blackboard. Over 150 courses are supplemented or taught completely online.
The contacts for distance learning at AGMUS are:
Maria Lopez
Assistance Vice-president for Distance Learning
Telecommunications and Distance Education Center
(P) 787-766-2600 extension 8922
(F) 787-250-8546 

Heyda Delgado
Distance Learning Director, Universidad del Turabo
(P) 787-743-7979 extension 4507

Ana Milena Lucumi
Distance Learning Director, Universidad del Este
(P) 787-257-7373 extension 3209

Rosa Rosado
Distance Learning Director, Universidad Metropolitana
(P) 787-766-1717 extension 7102


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