Current HETS corporate partners include a diverse group of companies interested in supporting Hispanic Higher Education and, especially, increasing the likelihood of Hispanic student success, as learners and professionals. To these partners, their participation in HETS goes beyond being sponsors or reaching their target audiences. It gives them a chance to get involved in the development of the organization. These members can also have the chance to learn about the needs of higher education institutions, faculty, and students, invaluable information in better serving the needs of these targets. Collaborating with these corporations also gives HETS the chance to provide it’s members with access to cost-effective services and products to enhance the integration of technologies into their practices.

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Major Corporate Partners

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Corporate Members:

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HETS Nonprofit members are under the category of Corporate members, but include those not for profit organizations serving Hispanic education, technology, and student support, among other areas. These organizations are especially focused on advancing educational opportunities of Hispanics and enhancing the quality of Hispanic Higher Education.

Non-profit Organizations:

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