Virtual HETS Best Practices Showcase 2017 – Call for Proposals

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Call for Proposals

Celebrating Innovation in Retention, Assessment, Internationalization and Placement to Promote Hispanic Student Success in Higher Education

February 9  – February 17,  2017

Thank you for your interest to submit a proposal; however submission period has ended for this Showcase.

Visit the Schedule section to learn more about the projects chosen to be showcased this year.


Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee will evaluate submitted projects on the basis of the following criteria. Each area will be rated on a scale from 1 to 7 (1= non-satisfactory; 7 =outstanding), for a maximum of 63 points.

  1. Level of innovation
  2. Meaningful use of technology – demonstrates not only how technologies were put in place but also how effectively those technologies were to achieving the goals in performance in online or traditional environments
  3. Demonstrated benefit to overall student success and institutional effectiveness
  4. Contribution to decision-making and improvement processes
  5. Usefulness and cost-effectiveness
  6. Use of specific examples, evidence, or indicators to demonstrate success
  7. Quality of the proposal
  8. Hispanic focus
  9. Lessons learned

2. The deadline to submit your proposal is December 2, 2016, and the expected date to notify the status of your proposal is December 16, 2016. Presentations of up to two presenters will be considered. Allotted time for live presentation will be of 30 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for participants’ questions. Allotted time for upload / asynchronous presentations will be up to 30 minutes and participants’ questions will be submitted online and sent by email to be replied.

Live online presentations:

The three highest scored presentations (one per track) will be presenting live upon speakers’ availability. Presentations will be recorded to have them accessible to all participants after the session. Presenter is responsible for complying with technical requirements and coordinating tests prior the presentation to guarantee the connection to the HETS platform.  These presentations will be selected based on the evaluation scores.

Asynchronous presentations:

Selected additional scored presentations besides the top three will be made available for asynchronous viewing/access at the HETS website: Presenter is responsible for recording a video in the format required, to be uploaded by February 1st, 2017 with the Power Point presentation. The video shall be no longer than 30 minutes long. All participants’ questions should be replied within a 48-hour period after posted. Presenters will have access to the system to read and answer questions for the benefit of all participants. Participants will be able to view the presentation online and/or download it as a podcast.

Evaluation Committee

Evaluation Committee members are selected from HETS Member Institutions, based on their expertise with the nominated track to validate their peers’ proposals.

To learn more about the conference topics go to: Showcase Tracks





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