Educación a distancia que promueve el aprendizaje efectivo de estudiantes graduados

This presentation was transmitted live on January 22, 2013 | 3:30 pm (AST/Puerto Rico time).  You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

El Proyecto Título V-Graduado, Igualando las Oportunidades de Participación: El acceso a programas Graduados de calidad, es auspiciado por el programa Promoting Postbaccalaurate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) del Departamento de Educación de Estados Unidos. Los fondos de este Proyecto se concedieron por cinco años, desde octubre del 2010 hasta septiembre del 2015. Establece como sus metas: (1) Proveer acceso flexible a los cursos graduados, (2) Aumentar el ofrecimiento curricular de los programas graduados a distancia y (3) Ofrecer programas graduados de excelencia enfocados en la investigación y redacción de tesis. Como parte de sus objetivos se persigue aumentar el ofrecimiento curricular de los programas graduados a distancia. Un total de veintitrés cursos medulares de los cuatro programas graduados (Administración de Empresas, Educación, Consejera y Psicología) se están convirtiendo y ofreciendo en lí­nea proveyendo así­ alternativas a la modalidad presencial de aprendizaje.

Institution: Universidad Central de Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Language: Spanish

Presented by:

Dr. Lille Troche, UCBDr. Lille I. Troche Flores, EdD, MPHE,  Doctora en Educación con Especialidad en Currí­culo y Enseñanza. Posee una Maestría en Educación en Salud Pública (MPHE) y en Educación con Especialidad en Administración y Supervisión Educativa. Actualmente Dirige el Proyecto Título V – Graduado de la Universidad Central de Bayamón.



Dr. Samuel Colón, UCBDr. Samuel Colón De La Rosa– Posee un Doctorado en Psicología en el Área Académica-investigativa de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rí­o Piedras. Actualmente se desempeña como Especialista en investigación del Proyecto Tí­tulo-V Graduado de la Universidad Central de Bayamón. También se desempeña como Profesor en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rí­o Piedras y Bayamón. Algunos de los cursos ofrecidos son en línea.

Early African History and Latino Students

This is a recorded presentation available from January 17, 2013.  You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

Two years ago an online course History 161, Africa to 1800 was designed. Primarily wanted to reach a wide audience with this course on early African history. It was thought both in person and online. A very interesting phenomenon occurred. In the online class we had three times as many Latino students than we did in the in-person class and retained all of them. In this presentation we will speak to why we understand the online class is so much more popular than the in-person course for Latino students.

Advantages offered by the online environment allowed for flexibility and offered bi-lingual students, the opportunity to review course materials. In addition, multiple attempts at practice exercises, activities, and quizzes also aided the learners by allowing for review of materials.

Institution: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Language: English

Presented by:

Dr. Christine Saidi is an assistant professor of African and world history at Kutztown University. She has recently published a book: Women’s Authority and Society in Early East-Central Africa. She has taught several online classes.

Douglas Scott- PresenterDouglas Scott is the Instructional Designer/Technologist for Kutztown University, and specializes in visualization techniques, especially as applied to topics in history. He holds advanced degrees from both Lehigh University and Savannah College of Art and Design and in a previous career toiled as an architectural conservator and archaeologist.

Best Practices for Proactive Intervention and Screening of E-Learning Students

This is a recorded presentation available from January 17, 2013. Soon you will be able to watch a revision of  recorded session at our HETS Yo Tube Channel or on this page.



The research question to be explored in this project is to determine if the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s E-Learning Readiness Self-check led to a difference in persistence in remedial hybrid/blended online courses. Additionally, the study explores whether students who completed the courses performed better in grades earned, specifically based on small stakes assessments, learning activities, discussions, and exams. This proposal is for a virtual presentation session.

Institution: Borough of Manhattan Community College

Language: English

Presented by:

Ms. Janey Flanagan has worked as Director of E-Learning at Borough Manhattan Community College, City University of New York, since 2010. She has 15 years of experience directing distance and online higher education programs and eight years of higher education teaching experience in educational technology and computer information systems. Her area of expertise is online teaching pedagogy and innovative uses of technology to improve student learning outcomes and retention. She is the Director of BMCC’s Title V Hispanic Serving Institutions Title V grant for e-learning and has worked to transform BMCC’s program through the adoption and implementation of a best practices for e-learning. Ms. Flanagan is a doctoral student at the City University of New York Graduate Center, pursuing her Ph.D. in Urban Education.

Promoting Student engagement in the online environment: An Overview of Learner-Centered Instructional Practices

This is a recorded presentation available from January 17, 2013.  You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

Join us to look at some tools and techniques for enhancing learner motivation and critical thinking skills in an online environment. This virtual showcase will illustrate how technology and media can improve online pedagogy by enhancing learning outcomes, communication, and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds. This presentation will show how the use of technology and media can effectively fulfill the following goals for promoting student engagement.

Institution: Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Language: English

Presented by:

Meg TarafdarMeg Tarafdar is the Associate Director of The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Queensborough Community College (City University of New York). As a web author, she has designed online instructional resources for publisher websites. She has designed professional development events on innovative instructional practices, intercultural competence, and eLearning strategies. As an English faculty, Meg has taught English Composition & Rhetoric, Technical Writing, and World Literature courses on-site and online. Her research interests include World Literature in Translation, Intercultural Communication, and Online Pedagogy.

Assessment & Retention in Hybrid Anatomy & Physiology Class

This is a recorded presentation available from January 17, 2013.  You can watch the recorded session at our HETS YouTube Channel or right here.

This project measures, promotes, and assesses effective student learning in a hybrid Anatomy and Physiology II course, a class our Biology and Medical Lab Technology students normally find quite challenging in a traditional classroom setting. This study examines whether our students are more successful in a hybrid? or blended? version of the course that is more technologically based. I am developing assessment tools to determine if students in the hybrid A&P II class were more successful in meeting the benchmarks of the course learning outcomes.

Institution: Bronx Community College

Language: English

Presented by:

Dr. Abass AbdullahiDr. Abass Abdullahi, is an Associate professor at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York. His interests are Biomedical, allied health, and public health as well as pedagogical research including distance learning, assessment and teaching with technology.




Dr  Richard LaMannaDr. Richard LaManna is the Academic Assessment Manager of Bronx Community College.





Albert Robinson Albert Robinson is the Manager of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology at Bronx Community College CUNY, and has worked in the area of faculty technology training and on-line curriculum design for several years. Mr. Robinson holds a M.S. in Adult Education from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education. He also has earned several professional technology certifications, including A+, IC3 and is a certified IC3instructor.