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Celebrating Technology Innovation for Hispanic Success in Higher Education

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Process to submit your proposal has been closed, thanks for your interest.

To learn more about the Showcase Presentations visit Conference at Glance. To learn more about the Conference tracks go to Showcase Tracks.  If you would like to watch the videos of the showcased best practices, please visit HETS You Tube Channel.

Process to submit your proposal

Download here the Call for Proposals Manual in English
Download here the Call for Proposals Manual in Spanish

1. To learn more about the Conference tracks go to Showcase Tracks

2. Submit online a short proposal using the form at the bottom of this page on or before October 14, 2015. Make sure to take into account the evaluation criteria mentioned  below when writing your proposal.

Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee will evaluate submitted projects on the basis of the following criteria. Each area will be rated on a scale from 1 to 7 (1= non-satisfactory; 7 =outstanding), for a maximum of 70 points.

  1. Level of innovation
  2. Meaningful use of technology – demonstrates not only how technologies were put in place but also how effectively those technologies were in: achieving the goals of the project; promoting and demonstrating success; assessing effectiveness; assessing student learning; promoting and achieving student access to Higher Education; or Hispanic student retention (depending on the track and type of project)
  3. Demonstrated benefit to overall student success and institutional effectiveness
  4. Level of collaboration and interaction incorporated
  5. Use of specific examples, evidence, or indicators to demonstrate project success
  6. Usefulness and cost-effectiveness
  7. Well-planned, systematic, and sustainable project
  8. Quality of the proposal
  9. Hispanic focus
  10. Lessons learned

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is designated by the Presidents of HETS Member Institutions based on their expertise and experience on the nominated track to validate their peers proposals. Allotted time for presentation will be of 45 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for participants’ questions.

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