Timeline of Historical Achievements and Events

Phase 1: Distance Education through Satellite Television
HETS is created with the purpose of seeking funds that would enable the affiliated institutions to share courses through telecommunications and videoconferences.
HETS receives a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce for nine member institutions to establish electronic classrooms with satellite connections so that they could share their academic offerings at-a-distance.Phase 2: Distance Education, Application of the Internet Modality, and Support Services

The Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) awards a $2 million Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnership grant for the creation of an online bilingual support website for students and faculty training workshops, a web-based workshop on how to teach online, and the development of online courses to expand Latino students’ opportunities and access to education.

HETS defined as an online learning bilingual organization, with an emphasis on student support, faculty training, and online course development.

HETS establishes alliance with NASA Langley””s Center for Distance Learning to conduct a virtual learning opportunity via NASA LIVE, a series of free videoconferencing programs.

Phase 3: Online Academic Program Collaboration
The Consortium encourages the development of joint online degree programs and certificates among member institutions from the United States and Puerto Rico.  Over 50 academic leaders, faculty, and distance education directors from 14 member institutions joined this effort.2005
HETS institutional website and the Virtual Plaza are integrated into a one-stop support and informational site for member institutions and their constituencies.

A new organizational structure was presented and HETS embarks towards a new focus of direct services and a broad vision towards the integration of innovative technology to all aspects of higher education, including the administrative, academic, support, and training areas.
Phase 4: Technology Services for the Improvement of Higher Education and Student Success
HETS starts a new process of strategic planning that redefines the focus and services of the organization. The organization opens its doors to new member corporations, non-profit organization, high school institutions, and individuals. This decision widens opportunities for strategic alliances among key partners for the improvement of higher education opportunities and success through the use of technology.
2007 to present
The new strategic plan for HETS was presented and considered, as the organization specialized in services, alliances, and opportunities for education through the savvy and strategic use and implementation of technologies. HETS focuses its efforts on impacting the success of educational institutions through technology innovations, facilitating the use of technology to overcome learner’s barriers to college success and completion, and promoting options for teaching and learning success through technology.



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