Organizational Overview


The Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) is the first bilingual consortium dedicated to serving the higher education needs of the fast-growing Hispanic communities. Starting in 1993 as a group of institutions interested in sharing courses at a distance, the HETS Consortium has evolved from the use of telecommunications into the asynchronous modes of anywhere-anytime learning, to the use of technology to reach greater collaboration among and within educational institutions. Its inception was encouraged and directed by a group of seven American and Puerto Rican universities and professional technical colleges that joined together to form this non-profit organization. The original seven founding members included the following:
  1. Ana G. Mendez University System
  2. Lehman College
  3. Hostos Community College
  4. University of New Mexico
  5. University of Puerto Rico
  6. University of Texas-Brownsville
  7. University of Texas-Pan Am.



Our Members