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The need for English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction far outstrips what classroom programs can provide. USA Learns is a free website funded by the US Department of Education, with the intention of supporting immigrants who want to learn or improve their English skills as part of the process of integration into American society. The website consists of three unique programs:

  • 1st English Course: a 20-unit, video-based beginner-level course
  • 2nd English Course: a 20-unit, video-based intermediate-level course
  • Practice English and Reading: 44 intermediate-level stories and activities

Designed as an online tool for learning English outside of a classroom, the site offers contextualized practice activities in listening, reading, writing, speaking and life skills necessary for success at work and in the community. All instructional materials are online; there are no videos or workbooks to purchase. To start the course, you just need to create a free of charge account on the following link: access here.

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