Learning Communities

A list of groups of people who share common educational goals.

  • Faculty Focus – brings the latest trends in Learning Communities. Learning communities are classes that are linked or clustered, often around an interdisciplinary theme, and enroll a common cadre of students.
  • E-Learning Consortia Profiles – An e-Learning Consortium fosters inter-institutional partnerships to share resources with the goal of increasing the institutional capacity for technology-mediated courses and programs. So that leaders and stakeholders of consortia could learn from the successes and experiences of others. A collection of profiles and contact information for many consortia is listed. For each consortium mentioned, the profile includes their mission, a brief description, services that they offer, initiatives and interests, organizational documents, and contact information, including websites and social media.
  • Open Education Europa  – The European Commission launched Open Education Europa in September 2013 as part of the Opening up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European OER. The main goal of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages in order to be able to present them to learners, teachers and researchers.

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