Special Offerings

HETS members special offerings:  More than 40 colleges and universities constitute HETS. HETS started in 1993 as a small group of institutions interested in sharing courses at a distance, since then, it has grown to be a hub where a continuously increasing number of colleges, universities, corporations, and other organizations that collaborate and network in different scenarios and from different perspectives. Technology is the link that gathers of all them together in this collaborative web. On this section you will find special programs offerings from our member institutions.

  • Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia– La Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia en el año 2015 continuará la oferta de 5 posgrados virtuales en español, a través de la plataforma Blackboard, los cuales están dirigidos a las personas que deseen y necesiten afianzar sus conocimientos para lograr ser mucho más competitivos a nivel laboral.


  • University of Texas at Brownsville–  Beginning in the Spring 2015, the University of Texas at Brownsville’s School of Business will offer an online Master of Business Administration taught completely in Spanish.

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