Making Career Choices (2.3)

Researching Salaries and Finances

There are two steps to getting your finances on two legs. First goes financial planning and then you worry about your salary. You’ll find these tools very useful to help you with both tasks:

  • Money Calculators
    Want to see an impressive site? This one features dozens of online calculators, dealing with a multitude of financial questions: How much am I spending? How much can I borrow? How much will I save if I live on a budget? Should my spouse work, too? What car can I afford? How much will it cost to raise a child? What will it take to save for a college education? How much life insurance do I need? Is a Roth IRA good for me? What will my expenses be after I retire? and many others. All forms are interactive calculators. Very useful tools to use before you approach salary questions in your current job-hunt.
  • JobStar Salary Info
    This is the best list of salary surveys on the Net (for real!); other sites claiming to have big salary surveys actually just link to this one, the Mother of all salary surveys – over 200 of them! Before you choose a career, before you hunt for a job, before you go in for the hiring interview, or do anything! you’d better know this information.
    If you want to have an idea about the salary for a specific career, here you can check for salary rates by job category and location, plus news and advice on the topic. It has an amazing list of salary surveys, which supplements JobStar’s lists nicely.
  • WageWatch
    provides valuable compensation and salary surveys online across multiple industries and geographic markets to human resource professionals, hiring managers, associations, employers, and other executives at the best price. Our cost-effective online salary and compensation surveys and reports are designed to help employers with hiring employees, employee retention, employee pay and recognition, employee benefits, budget planning, market pricing jobs and salary range decisions.
    Salaries for IT Professionals. A useful summary of what people make who are creating the world of the web.


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