Making Career Choices (2.1)

Making Career Choices

Graduate School

Graduate looks toward computer lab and studentsIt may seem overwhelming right now to think of studying even more, but at some stage in your working life it may be necessary to do so for professional development and advancement. More and more people are earning Master’s degrees to the point that in some professions, a bachelor’s degree is as unimpressive a credential as a high school diploma.

But graduate school is not something to rush into, unless you are absolutely dead set on going straight into graduate school after undergrad. It is a lot of work and expectations are very high, so you may want to wet your feet first in the workplace before diving into a demanding academic program.

See bellow to have an idea about the academic and the outside world expectations for every field.

Graduate Programs

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  • The Princeton Review Career Quiz Find the bests schools for you. Learn how to narrow your options and get admitted. Access 950 + school applications and apply online.
  • Colleges & Careers Center U.S. News’ rankings of 1,300 colleges. Tips on how to “Find Your Ideal School,” tips on finding the best grad schools (Law, Medicine, Engineering, Education and Business), tips on financial aid (with worksheets), etc. It also has forums (called the “Answer Zone”) where you can post your questions on Getting into College, Beyond College, and Financial Aid.
  • The Education Section of Features America ‘s top graduate schools and best colleges, latest articles in e-learning, step-by-step admissions, information about financial aid and a discussion board.
  • Admissions Guide for U.S. Colleges and Universities – Degree Jungle provides online references to break everything down for you on the ways to learn about the college and university admissions process and exactly how to make your application become the pick of the litter. It has information on ranking, identifying your institution preferences and study guides. All resources are FREE.
  • Getting your Masters in Education: Teachers who decide to further their education by earning a master’s degree can choose between a Master in Teaching (MAT), or a Master in Education (M.Ed.) program. While there’s some overlap in the content each degree covers, the two are inherently different. Which one an individual chooses will depend on his or her career ambitions. Teachers who want to continue in the classroom usually pursue a MAT, while those who would like to move into leadership and administrative roles pursue M.Ed. degrees. Read more…


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