My Career Potential (1.3)

Can my bilingual skills really give me an edge?

The more fully bilingual you are, in speaking, reading and writing, the more open your choices are. Today, the Hispanic population have reached 34 million inhabitants to comprise an estimated 12 percent of the total United States population (276 million).*

According to Rick Tobin, president of Strategy Research Corporation (SRC):

“Hispanics in the United States will enjoy more economic opportunities due to their increased bilingualism and the fact they are assimilating more easily into the mainstream culture than other minorities. One of the surprises in the report this year is that the Hispanic market is much more bilingual than in previous years…The most important facet of the study is that Hispanics now understand English better. Therefore, they will have a better future in this country.”

Read the whole report: Future Bright for Increasingly Bilingual Hispanics

*Demographic data is based on information from the Census Bureau.


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