My Career Potential (1.1)

What careers are best suited to my personality?

“Do something you love for a living and you won’t have to work one day of your life.”   –Confucious

It’s time to take a good honest look at yourself and take stock  of your skills, talents, and desires. If you will spend most of your  life working, the wisest thing you could do is to put both your mind  and your heart into building a career. Professional performance  accounts for a big part of every person’s self-esteem.

When you exert yourself at what you do best, work can become a  source of great satisfaction. It may take several years to find your  right fit, but making a good pick from the start will shorten your  trail to achieving professional fulfillment.

Getting to Know Yourself

The best you get to know yourself the better choices you can  make.  Try  out these personality and career questionnaires for insights. However, remember that these questionnaires  are just rough assessments, which results may vary depending on your age, interests, and even mood.

In reality it is hard to “measure” temperament  and personality with a test so it may help to also talk  to a trained professional, a career counselor or therapist,  to discuss your concerns.

Personality Tests

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  • The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
    This is the most popular and useful personality assessment tool  ever devised to assess temperament. Compact, convenient,  and self-scoring, excellent for group seminars.   It contains 70 questions, similar to the Myers-Briggs  Type Indicator.  Indicates both the Myers-Briggs  letters and Keirsey Temperaments.
  • The  Sixteen Types
    Based on the four Keirsey temperament types, this site  describes the sixteen subtypes within the main four in  detail and provides examples of well known personalities.
  • Myers  Briggs Personality Indicator
    The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator® is a questionnaire based on  the psychological teachings of Carl Gustav Jung, one of  the founders of modern psychoanalytical theory and practice. This Indicator has been developed over thirty-five years of  rigorous scientific validation and is the most widely  used of any Personality Indicator.
    Enneagram Tests, Myers-Briggs-Jung Tests, Big Five  Tests, Personality Disorder Test, Compatibility Test, Career Test,  Eysenck Personality Tests (Not all tests are FREE!).
  • Enneagram
    A fundamental element of the enneagram is its description  of nine distinct personality types, rooted in  a specific viewpoint  or belief structure that is a reflection of different patterns of thought,  feeling and action.
    Psychedelic image representing tempreament
  • Testing 
    High quality assessments for self-discovery and understanding. (requires registration)
  • The Big 5 personality test
    Based on the OCEAN model of personality, this test measures 5 basic aspects of your personality in an easy short questionnaire.  It also allows you to rate another person or have someone else rate you to compare results, adding an extra dimension to your  quest for self-discovery.
  • Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
    (North Carolina State) This is a self-assessment questionnaire with descriptions of  each learning style and tips on how to improve your studying skills according to your style.
    Two types of intelligence testing on this site: the Daily  IQ and emotions E-IQ tests, the latter looks at your  emotional responses such as loving and anger. Many  I.Q. quizzes are available online.
  • Psychometrics
    Assessments and support materials for Employee Selection,  Personal Development, Leadership Development, Organizational  Change, Team Building, and Career Directions. (Requires registration and fee.)
  • PSYCH TESTS Extensive battery of professionally developed psychological tests. Choose from 93 assessments.
    Some free tests available, others are fee based  excerpt quoted from website: Queendom assessments give you in-depth knowledge about yourself on topics ranging from love and health to personality, lifestyle, IQ and more.
Career Tests

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  • What Can I Do With A Major In…?
    Various sites that show what what kinds of jobs people wind up in, after they enroll in various college majors. Food for thought.
  • The Career  Key
    Take the career key measures and Holland types tests to learn about jobs that fit your personality.
  • Discovery Skillsone
    Interest Inventory® career and personality assessment. This  opportunity to obtain a free career report exists because  Stanford University Press, in collaboration with  CPP, Inc.  is revising the Strong Interest Inventory®, the  most respected and widely used career counseling tool  in the world.
    The Strong Interest Inventory® compares a person’s interests with the interests of people who are successfully  employed in a wide variety of occupations.   In  order to maintain the scientific soundness of the Strong  Interest Inventory®, it  is regularly updated to reflect changes in occupations  and in our society. (Registration is required, but free.)
  • Holland Codes
    Similar to the Keirsey Temperament types, the Holland Codes serve to differentiate among different personality types and offer matching career alternatives.
  • Explore IT Careers
    From Microsoft website. Learn about the IT industry, earn your Microsoft credential, and find your dream job.
  • Career Spotlight
    This is an awesome place that portrays interviews with people from different fields, what led them to choose those careers, pros and cons, etc.
  • Career Index
    230 careers listed in alphabetical order with their abbreviated definitions. Click on the name of the career to get their details.
  • 3 Steps Career Quiz Take Take the 3 Steps Career Quiz at and find out what careers suit you best. was created by Rodger Harp, an accomplished career counsellor who has helped thousands of students across Canada with his books on careers and life skills.
  • Careers Orientation Process The careers orientation process consists of several different elements. One basic thing applies: the more precisely and individually you can formulate your own target profile, the easier it usually is afterwards to analyse the jobs market, identify possible jobs for you and design the subsequent application process.
  • Career Self Assessment Career self assessment is now a pre-requisite for anyone coming to grips with the New World of Work. The pace of change in the workplace is frantic and this creates real challenges for your career. Self assessment can help you set a solid platform for a fulfilling career by providing insights into where you can make the best contribution.
  • You’ll find information on the vast opportunities available to young people after high school.  To make a good decision about a future career, it helps to know what type of work you enjoy doing. Should I go to college or look for a job? If I try to find a job, what kind of job should it be? How do I find what jobs are best for me? The Work Interest Quiz can help you find answers.
  • Sign up for free sample test.  Top Careers that Match Your Interests.

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