The HETS Connection
Volume : 2 - Issue : 7 - DECEMBER 2006

Message from the HETS Chair

Dear members:

The end of a semester is the start of a new one. However, for our organization, it will be more than just the start of a semester. This next semester will bring new options, not only for the Consortium, but, most importantly, for our members. So far, members have been able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of collaboration, our main tool to help you grow and succeed. In the semesters to come, members will still be able to collaborate, but also to experience new service alternatives intended to support their goals. Ultimately, this is about making our students better, and that’s what we want to achieve through the strategic use of technology and telecommunications.

Our Board of Directors will meet next January to make significant decisions regarding the direction of our services and benefits. We want to make of not only every year, but also of every semester the renewal of our commitment to you, as member of our family. Corporations and organizations working for the benefit of the educational community have already started joining the Consortium, and this will be a key to the growth of the Consortium. Furthermore, important partnerships will open new opportunities for the development of innovative initiatives among our members, as well as new benefits for our learners.

In our next issues, we will be informing you about our Board’s decisions, the strategic directions of the organization, and the benefits available to our members during this next semester. Enjoy this edition of The HETS CONNECTION, as we give you an insight of our latest news and accomplishments.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very successful New Year.

José F. Méndez


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