The HETS Connection
Volume : 2 - Issue : 5 - SEPTEMBER 2006

Greetings from Our Chair



Dear HETS members and friends:


It is for me an honor to take, once again, the lead of this organization and help guide it through its upcoming strategic processes. I had the opportunity to be HETS first Chair back in 1993, during that initial stage in which it strived to get institutions together to share courses through telecommunications. Today, almost 14 years later, our aim to get colleges and universities together to collaborate and share valuable resources for the enrichment of their constituencies continues to be the same.


Collaborating with an organization such as HETS gives us all an opportunity to envision a better future for education and for the success of our college students. This is the opportunity technology is giving us, and we have to make the best use out of it. Through HETS, it is possible to create services and programs that benefit our own educational communities and those of other institutions elsewhere. Given its nature, three fundamental elements have been part of the history of this organization: vision, collaboration, and transformation. With a vision of giving new possibilities to postsecondary education, and through collaboration, we are sure that technology can serve as a way of achieving transformation in education and in the lives of thousands of students.


It is a pleasure to make it possible to explore, plan, and implement innovative strategies to keep on impacting our student population and offering new opportunities for those who wish to complete a postsecondary degree, but have not been able to do it. Taking an active role in this organization means taking a leadership role in the future of education, at the time it promotes the growth of our institutions and our constituencies by the knowledge gained from learning from each other and collaborating with each other.


The HETS Connection shows a perfect example of what can be accomplished through collaboration in this organization. On a monthly basis, you, as members of this organization, can learn about what has been achieved for your own institutions, and consider how you can involve more actively in creating innovative ways of using technology to improve your results and the success of your students. I invite you to get together and get involved.


I look forward to sharing with you this space of collaboration and advanced education opportunities, as I myself look for the best future for my students.




José F. Méndez



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