The HETS Connection
Volume : 6 - Issue : 2 - AUGUST 2010

Message from President Jos? F. M?ndez

Dear colleagues and friends:

As HETS starts a new year, many challenges and exciting ventures await. These past years have certainly been full of accomplishments, new venues, and growth. HETS not only closed FY 2009-2010 with a lot of achievements and opened doors, but also closed a three-year strategic plan term with much more than the organization had planned and expected. It was an honor for me to lead the organization in a period so full of advancements.

Throughout the last three years, the organization reached impressive levels of self-sustainability and recognition. These years were also characterized by high involvement from Board members, as well as from faculty, staff, and other constituencies from member institutions. Members' involvement was evident last January 2010, when more than 20 member institutions actively participated and got together to share their innovative practices at the HETS first ever annual conference: the HETS Best Practices Showcase. Also, recently, members from the Board of Directors gathered to work on the organization's first peer review publication, which will be launched during the month of September. Numerous educational opportunities were offered and various events were organized in several regions of the United States, Puerto Rico, and even internationally.

HETS's growth will continue steadily throughout years to come, as the Consortium will soon begin implementing its next strategic plan. Recently, the Board of Directors elected a new group of Board officers, including a new Chairman. This will bring many new opportunities for the Consortium, as changes in leadership bring along new insights, experiences, and resources. It has been a pleasure to be part of this journey as Chairman of the Board for the past four years. I will continue working proactively and dynamically as the Board's Vice Chair.

I congratulate and welcome Dr. Eduardo Martí as the newly elected Chairman of the Board. I also congratulate Dr. José Jaime Rivera, elected as Treasurer; Professor Nilda Nadal, reelected as Secretary for a second term; and Dr. Wendy Lawrence and Dr. Ivonne Chirino, elected as regional representatives. It will undoubtedly be an honor to work closely with them as part of the Executive Committee.

Enjoy this issue of the HETS Connection.

Best regards,

José F. Méndez, Dr.h.c.
HETS Board Vice-Chair
President of the Ana G. Méndez University System

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