The HETS Connection
Volume : 6 - Issue : 1 - APRIL 2010


Dear colleagues and friends:

Welcome to the spring 2010 edition of the HETS Connection. This special issue will give you an overview of our latest Board Meeting and most recent special event: The HETS First Annual Best Practices Showcase. Certainly, the organization is moving progressively along an interesting process of transformation. The Consortium has undergone a series of relevant changes and has demonstrated impressive growth trends. A very important part of this transformation has been the continuing increase in the involvement of member institutions and, moreover, institutional constituencies from all areas of interest. Recent activities have allowed broader participation of HETS members and greater impact on institutional constituencies. It is really significant to see our members enjoying and engaging in the events and initiatives we strive to deliver every semester. We also continue expanding our reach, not only through greater collaboration opportunities, but also through larger scale events and through the expansion of our initiatives to impact more regions.

The Board of Directors has set a clear and solid vision of future for the organization and the HETS office and member institutions continue to move incessantly towards this vision. The past semester, as well as those to come, have been and will be opportunities to continue reaching new horizons in the HETS history: a history you are all part of. We hope you enjoy this issue and that it serves its purpose as a resource to support your way towards your institutional goals and objectives.

Best regards,

Dr. José F. Méndez
Chairman of the HETS Board of Directors
President, Ana G. Méndez University System

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