The HETS Connection
Volume : 4 - Issue : 5 - AUGUST 2008


Dear colleagues and friends:

Welcome to the first issue of the HETS Connection for this new academic year. We had a very productive and exciting adventure last year and we are expecting to continue with a year full of events, services, and benefits for all of our members.

This past Board meeting gave us an overview of the extraordinary results from the past year and the potential new ventures we will certainly be taking on this year. It was actually a space to envision new opportunities for the Consortium and all of us, as members, as we are identifying new ways of getting together to produce outstanding results for our institutions and their constituencies.

HETS has already brought together 29 member institutions and 11 corporate members, which opens up a world of opportunities of collaboration for all. Many of these opportunities were explored during this last June Board Meeting and are in a process of development as part of the HETS agenda for the next year. Through this HETS Connection, you will be able to get an overview of the main topics, issues, and plans discussed during the Board Meeting in New York.

Make sure that you are part of this year's exciting adventure, especially as we celebrate 15 years of vision, commitment, and collaboration.

Best regards,

Jose F. Mendez
Chairman of the HETS Board of Directors
President of the Ana G. Mendez University System

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