The HETS Connection
Volume : 4 - Issue : 3 - APRIL 2008

Message from the Board Chairman

Dear colleagues:
This issue of the HETS Connection provides our members with relevant information on those aspects that are guiding our work. Particularly, this edition contains a significant report on our Board's views on the direction and future of this organization. Not only this, but it offers a look at potential areas of collaboration among our members through the eyes of those who constitute the directive body of the Consortium, who, moreover, represent the insterests of each of the memeber institutions. This important look at interests, perceptions, and expectations of our members will continue in our next issue, which will cover a report on the views, experiences, and needs of our member institutions in New York, from the perspective of our institutional leaders and constituencies. You will also find relevant information about our latest activities, funding opportunities available, and our members' news and accomplishments.
Should you have any questions, or if you want your events and projects to be disseminated through the HETS Connection, do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage you to take the most advantage out of this publication, a medium created for our members.
Jose F. Mendez
HETS Board Chairman
President, Ana G. Mendez University System

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