The HETS Connection
Volume : 4 - Issue : 2 - FEBRUARY 2008


To us, it is really significant to see our members enjoying and engaging in the events and initiatives we strive to deliver every semester as part of our efforts to serve you. This semester continues with the traditional series of workshops to support the development of our members’ faculty and administrators in the effective use of technologies to improve their practice. But it also shows a path toward the extension of our work beyond our proximal areas. Just like previous semesters, we are looking for ways to closely serve our members in the United States, get to learn more about their needs, and identify effective strategies to impact their constituencies. HETS just visited New York to explore the needs of our institutional members in the region and, also, to study the viability of taking our HETS efforts to the area through a regional office. We are also making plans to be part of events that recognize and learn from the accomplishments and best practices of our members in other states. Outreach initiatives have also been planned for Florida this semester.
It is a very active semester and a very active agenda, as we plan to make this Consortium an invaluable means and resource to impact Hispanic Higher Education. You are part of this effort, and we are immensely grateful and proud.

Enjoy this issue of the HETS Connection.


José F. Méndez
Chairman of the HETS Board of Directors
President of the Ana G. Méndez University System

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