The HETS Connection
Volume : 3 - Issue : 5 - OCTOBER 2007


Greetings to all our members, collaborators, and friends:

Besides bringing you news about our latest initiatives, this issue of the HETS Connection provides you with an array of information about recent best practices and options available to keep supporting your efforts. To us, it is essential to gather sources and resources that can potentially enhance your current and future initiatives. This is actually one of the reasons the HETS Connection is such a key to our efforts.

As you will read in this issue, we recently visited Chicago to get together with our member colleges in the area and share ideas on the use of technology for student support, just as we did during the year in Puerto Rico and New York. In total, we have successfully conducted three Synergies for Student Success in 2007 and expect to bring you new networking and learning experiences in other areas during 2008. We have been also coordinating events with partner organizations focused on technology in education. These are all opportunities for us to learn more about member goals that need support and the resources available out there to all of you.

Most importantly, this issue also celebrates the accomplishments of our member institutions. We feel proud of your successes and, as we commend you for them, we want to share these experiences with all our members and partners. The HETS Connection gives us this opportunity. And, moreover, it is one of the vehicles at your service to get in contact with other members, share views, and disseminate your news.

Hope you enjoy it and that it serves as a useful resource to your purposes.


José F. Méndez
Chairman of the HETS Board of Directors
President of the Ana G. Méndez University System

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