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Strategic Plan Overview

Strategic Plan 2007-2010
In 14 years of history, HETS has proven its strength to gather the efforts needed to achieve its mission, the ability to grow and adapt to changes, and its special interest in the Hispanic educational communities. The Consortium looks into a future of innovation, effective relations, knowledge building, and collaboration, while specializing in services, alliances, and opportunities for education through the savvy and strategic use and implementation of technologies. This strategic plan provides a clear focus to the direction of the organization for the next three years. It includes three main vectors as the focus of the organization: Technology Resources and Infrastructure, Faculty Development, and Student Support. Overall, it has been delineated from the perspective of the Consortium’s recently approved new roles, which define its basic functions in serving its members: facilitator, negotiator, expert, and investor.
To view a summary of the HETS 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, please click here.

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