HETS Board of Directors- Presidents of HETS Member Institutions

Executive Committee:

  • Southeast Missouri State University
    Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto
    HETS Chairman
  • National University College – Puerto Rico
    Dr. Gloria Baquero
    HETS First Vice Chair
  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico
    Mr. Manuel Fernós, Esq.
    HETS Treasurer
  • EDP University – Puerto Rico
    Eng. Gladys Nieves
    HETS Secretary
  • Hostos Community College – New York
    Dr. David Gómez
    Regional Representative – East
  • Tarrant County College Connect- Texas
    Dr. Carlos Morales
    Regional Representative – Central
  • California State University San Marcos- California
    Dr. Lorena Checa
    Vice President for Student Affairs
    Regional Representative – West

Member Institutions:

  • Ana G. Méndez University System – Puerto Rico, Florida,
    Texas, Washington, & Maryland
    Dr. José Méndez Méndez
  • American University – Puerto Rico
    Mr. Juan C. Nazario Torres, Esq.
  • Atenas College – Puerto Rico
    Dr. María L. Hernández Nuñez, MSN, DHC
  • Bergen Community College – New Jersey
    Dr. B. Kaye Walter
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College – New York
    Dr. Antonio Pérez
  • Bronx Community College – New York
    Dr. Thomas Isekenegbe
  • California State University Dominguez Hills – California
    Dr. Chris Manriquez
    Vice President, Information Technology
  • California State University Fullerton – California
    Dr. Mary Ann Villareal
    AVP Strategic Alliances
  • California State University Long Beach – California
    Dr. Brian Jersky
    Provost & Sr. VP for Academic Affairs
  • California State University Los Angeles – California
    Dr. Lynn Mahoney
    Assoc. Director for Educational Technology
  • California State University San Bernardino – California
    Dr. Tomas Morales
  • Colegio Universitario de San Juan – Puerto Rico
    Dr. Haydee Zayas Hernández
    Acting Chancellor

Member Institutions: Continuation…

  • College of Staten Island – New York
    Dr. William Fritz
  • Cumberland County College – New Jersey
    Dr. Shelly Schneider
    Interim President
  • Dallas County Community College – Texas
    Dr. Joe May
  • Fort Hays State University – Kansas
    Dr. Dennis King
    (Designated representative)
  • Huertas College – Puerto Rico
    Dr. María del Mar López
  • Humacao Community College – Puerto Rico
    Mr. Jorge Mojica, Esq.
  • ICPR Junior College – Puerto Rico
    Ms. Olga E. Rivera
    President & CEO
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice – New York
    Dr. James Llana
    (Designated representative)
  • Lehman College – New York
    Dr. Jose L. Cruz
  • Medgar Evers College – New York
    Dr. Rudolph F. Crew
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica – Puerto Rico
    Dr. Jorge I. Vélez Arocho
  • Queensborough Community College – New York
    Dr. Diane B. Call
  • Springfield Technical Community College – Massachusetts
    Mr. Kamari Collins
    (Designated representative)
  • Stella and Charles Guttman Community College – New York
    Dr. Dr. Scott Evenbeck
  • Universidad Central del Caribe – Puerto Rico
    Dr. José Ginel Rodríguez
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico
    Dr. Celeste Freytes
    Interim President
  • University of Houston Downtown – Texas
    Dr. Mary Jo Parker
    (Designated Representative)
  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Texas
    Dr. Havidán Rodríguez
    Deputy Provost and Vice President
    (Designated Representative)

Affiliated Institutions

  • LaGuardia Community College
    Dr. Henry Saltiel
    (Designated Representative)
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
    Prof. Heyda Delgado
    (Designated Representative)



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